Vernon God little is a novel about a teenager (Vernon Little) who lives in Martirio, Texas. Not having a lot happen during his teenage years one day Vernon’s best friend Jesus Navarro murders their classmates in the schoolyard before killing himself leaving everyone unsure about the actions that were made. There on Vernon is taken away for questioning as they believe he is responsible for the situation where he meets Deputy Vain Gurie and there tells her he was running an errand for Mr Nuckles, a school teacher, and states he was not involved in the massacre. Later on Vernon meets Eulalio (“Lally”) Ledesma supposedly a CNN reporter who gives his word to Dorris, Vernon’s mum, that he promises to help Vernon “shift the paradigm” of his story. Instead of doing this Lally betrays Vernon, who is returned to jail awaiting a psychiatric analysis.

At this point of the novel i believe that Vernon is feeling anxious about his case and what the final outcome and decision will be. Now that he has been betrayed by Lally he needs to find an other option to help his statement be heard. I also believe that Vernon feels that the decisions made from the amount of evidence the court has is unfair, “I sense a learning: that much dumber people than you end up in charge”. I believe this quote represents that it only matters through the connections and the power that the individual has them self where then they can control the people around them.

Further on Lally decides to betray Vernon again by producing a interview with Mr Nuckles and also by including himself into Vernon’s family life, by sharing a bed with Vernon’s mom. After Vernon meets a stranger who reveals Lally is a fraud. Vernon confirms this by phoning Lallys mother and to find out its true. Vernon cant control his temper and loses this evidence, however this worries Lally enough for him to move in with Doris’s friend Leona. To satisfy Vernon’s mom, Vernon lies about having a job, But when he skips a session with Mr Goosens the word comes out that his rifle has been found. There on Vernon gathers money and catches a bus to San Antonio. Where he phones his crush Taylor to meet him in Houston, to find out that Taylor is Leona’s niece. By this point in the novel i believe that Vernon is feeling scared, with the patrol finding his hidden rifle and his actions of running away it makes him look guilty. I believe if i was in this situation i would feel isolated towards anyone that i ever trusted or knew making me feel scared on where to go and what to do.

Vernon wakes up on his 16th birthday on top of the world in mexico, but drops once he notices Taylor’s wired $600 does not arrive, where then Taylor meets in person and takes Vernon to a fancy hotel, and lures Vernon into admitting that he committed the murder. Vernon gives an out of text confession where then Lally’s people seize Vernon and turn him in, where he lands in Harris County lock up. In the fall Vernon’s trial is televised, Vernon trust the system implicitly his lawyer exposes Dr. Goosens, and Taylor and Lally are seen entrapping Vernon. Vernon’s attempt to tell the truth fails, however Mr Nuckles is able to clear the statement when he testifies, however calls him a murderer and is sent to death sentence. At this point i believe that Vernon feels as if it is over where he has been sent to the death row and having everyone believing that all the truth is out. 

Among the voting for Vernon’s deaf sentence a pardon comes seconds before the deadly chemicals are to flow into his arm. Where they also yield Jesus’ suicide note, leading Goosens and Nuckles to prison for pedophilia. I believe that at this point Vernon is feeling relived as now everything can be sat aside and go back to normal also knowing that the truth is out.

After reading the novel ‘Vernon God Little’ i believe it showed an aspect of trust. Throughout the novel Vernon wasn’t able to trust anyone, as when he did he had suffered from false information and people who had used him. This made trust a big aspect throughout the novel. It came from examples such as the police, media, and the society he had lived in. They had used Vernon as a way of fixing the problem, where they saw that Vernon didn’t have a lot giving them a reason to make him suffer and accuse him for the actions that were made.

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