Last Chance U is a American documentary produced and premiered by Netflix, directed by Greg Whiteley, explores the football program at East Mississippi Community College, (EMCC). Last Chance U features several collegiate athletes that have been in trouble or had trouble throughout their lives and struggled with finding structure. Where the players then are required to perform at the junior college (JUCO) level, under the ownership of Buddy Stephens, in order to prove themselves from their mistakes and return to division 1.

Through out the series EMCC appeared dominant throughout their football season, where then their football season derailed after a brawl breaking out during a game against Mississippi Delta. EMCC was disqualified from the state playoffs and a potential berth to the national championship game. I believe that i am able to relate to this situation that EMCC had to go through as i believe a lot have people have gone through this process of working hard towards something they are passionate about and losing it over a simple mistake that was made knowing that if you had changed something ever so slightly it may have never happened. Especially for a team i feel as though that individual had felt a lot of guilt and irresponsibility towards his actions.   

Netflix had returned Scooba Mississippi for a second season at EMCC. Once again they had help national championship aspirations, facing a major hurdle of only having 32 eligible players for their opening game against the Jones County Junior College due to suspensions related to the previous seasons brawl, With EMCC losing that game, 27-25, which was their first season opening loss since 2010. The East Mississippi Lions went on to win the rest of their games, but unfortunately were left out of the national championship game when they finished the season ranked No. 3 in the polls. I believe that the team would feel similar to what the outcome was for the first season where they had worked so hard to get to a similar spot of not making it all the way due to the fact that not a lot of the players liked working with each other. Where they also lost motivation towards football and began problems outside of the game.

Watching season 1 and 2 of Last Chance U i could feel a lot of determination and ambition from the players and the coaches, where they gave the players a new life and making them notice the opportunity it could give these players for the future it determined them to succeed and give back what they had provided to them. A lot of the players that attended football at EMCC were offered contracts from big Colleges where most of them succeeded, for example John Franklin who was a quarter back for the team had been accepted by Auburn, a college he was excited about. After a season at Auburn he had been transferred to Florida Atlantic university as a wide receiver. Where finally after being undrafted in the 2018 NFL draft Franklin had signed with the Chicago Bears as a defensive back. So for EMCC to give these players the opportunity i think they had shown what they could provide.

The learning that i take from this documentary if you have the ambition for something you are passionate about, the right decision is to be determine about that thing. To push through all the challenges that you face towards your journey to get to the highest level. For me i am able to relate through my sicknesses. Being at a reasonable level through sport i had that taken away from me once coming to being ill. But the determination i had to push through getting back to that stage had helped, as sport was something i was passionate about. I may have never gotten back to the stage i was out before hand but i was just proud in my self to getting to a stage where i was able to perform in something i had once loved.

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