The article ‘Is social media bad for you’ written by Jessica Brown is about the evidence and unknown about what comes with social media. three billion people, around 40% of the worlds population use social media, and spending around 2 hours a day on it either talking to friends/family, posting photos, sharing videos, watching videos and more. As the article says it mentions, could we be sacrificing our mental health, well being and as well as our time. I believe this statement is true due to the evidence that is given and having the knowledge of going through these experiences myself.

Stress is the first factor that is connected with social media. People use social media to release expression and strong emotions about everything, but with this being they believe that social media induces more stress than it relieves. In a survey of 1800 people they reported that women stress more than men, because it increases their awareness of other peoples stress.

In 2014, researchers in Austria found that participants reported lower moods after using Facebook for 20 minutes compared to those who just browsed the internet. I believe i can relate to this from seeing posts of people that seem to have a better life and have always something exciting or adventurous to do. Where i believe that happier posts have a stronger influence than sad depressing posts.

Anxiety, I believe anxiety is a big part to social media, thinking over and over what you should comment, who you should message and what photos you look good in to post. This also can relate with depression this leads with the amount of negative interactions that had come across the individual. I believe that it also affects sleep i have had this affect me majorly not being able to put my phone down from watching videos and messaging people where the next day i would be exhausted and have no energy.

Overall i believe the article states things that are true. Anxiety being a part of this i believe i am able to relate through my past linking through social media. Being anxious about expressing yourself on social media knowing that someone on the platform would judge. I can also relate through stress, this being from the posts of others having better opportunity to do things where it stresses myself out thinking about what i should be doing. Also relation to appearance thinking about how others look and finding yourself not as good looking as them. I believe social media can be bad in ways of its own but comes down to the mindset of each individual. 

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  1. A more developed personal insight into the ideas conveyed in the article is necessary. What does your own experience tell you about the things stated in the article?


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