Elon Musk is one of the most powerful people in the world. As a Space X CEO and founder. He is the figurehead of the modern space travel and exploration industry. He is a man of grand and improbable dreams.  Musk has proved himself to being capable of realizing at least some of his own wildest goals. Musk is best described as a mega rich innovator who wants to, and probably can, fundamentally change the world as we know it. He is passionate about environmental issues, infrastructure, and space exploration. Musk forces us to talk about stuff that matters. But does this mean Musk is a techno hero, escorting us closer to the future, or is he the villain dragging us towards a dystopia?.

I believe Musk wants to improve society to be a better place and that he will be a powerful person in our future. His influence over commercial and residential solar panels was a major step forward for our environment when he co founded Solarcity. His interests with Tesla although not fully successful yet have forced car companies around the world to step up their game with development of electric cars. Musk does donate to charities, for example solar power to areas in need and he has financially supported people like Mark Zuckerberg and his own company Tesla when they were in financial difficulty. While he has benefited from his generosity  he has also helped others benefit with him. Musk is generally pretty up front although he is equally open about his own greatness.

Although there may be a problem where Musk’s social media conduct may be bad for his business. Coming down to either investors betting against his stock or reporters or analysts who ask tough questions, Elon Musk has fought back, often on twitter. Where he had tweeted out about a British diver who was involved in the Thailand rescue calling him a pedophile in front of 22.2 million twitter followers. where there on people had thought Musk had gone a little to far. The tweet had later deleted, and having investors away from Tesla stock. In the tweets, Musk strayed from a vigorous defense of his companies into a personal insult, with no facts to back it up.

When I consider all of the positive and negatives of his personality, his leadership style and his accomplishments, I find myself believing that there is more good than bad. So whether you love him and what he is doing or hate him and fear what hes doing, probably you will be watching and listening to him to see where he goes from here. The final decision will be based on his achievements over the next decade.

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