8th November 2017

Creating a character

He strides onto the courts swinging his arms with a chill movement, as he places his gear onto the benches and takes off his grey worn out hoodie. He looks around looking for a open hoop to shoot his shots at and to begin his warm up. He frowns as he spots an open area to make his move. As he walks he bounces one ball in one hand while the other is planted in his pocket. He begins to warm up by laying the ball into the hoop gently. As he warms up you begin to see the sweat drip down his white freckled skin, beginning to become flustered as it turns to a mild pink. As the game is about to start his mind set switches to being serious and all jokes are aside, the ball is tipped and his pace has increased watching his long legs stride down one end of the court to the other successfully keeping up where the ball is being played. The ball is passed to him and he grips his wide hands firmly onto the ball and begins to dribble into the paint with his back facing the hoop, he plants one heavy foot to his left and rotates the front of his body to face the hoop releasing the ball from his hands with the perfect technique….he hears a gasp of silence just before a sound of a swish of the ball running straight down the middle of the hoop and into the net. He waves his hands through his tight curly ginger hair feeling the rough surface touch the palms of his hands. As he leaves the gym he purchases a cookie time and a drink as he does every other time. As he finds his way outside the front door to leave he pinches at his top unsticking it from his body making him feel comfortable. When he hops in the car  he turns his head to face our direction and waves knowing that we will be in this same location very soon.

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