12th February 2018

Conversation- transcript

Josh- So Lakers and Wizards play today

Wesley- Wizards are gonna win i reckon

Josh- You sure ?

Wesley- Yeah

Josh- Can they shoot good enough ?

Wesley- Bradley Beal’s been on fire recently

Josh- I mean hes been struggling in the 4th quarter

Wesley- True true, isn’t John Wall injured iswell ?

Josh- Yeah, although Lonzo’s been out a while with that shoulder injury

Wesley- And Isaiah is not exactly gonna do much

Josh- First game against Dallas he showed his work

Wesley- Mmmmm, did he ?

Josh- The young players got enough energy, i reckon they can probably get the win

Wesley- But they are obviously not gonna make the playoffs

Josh- Well i mean they’ve won a few games outta the last couple, so they can pull it out

Wesley-  No they cant, the Lakers are not gonna make it

Josh- I mean maybe not but next year, when they get some good free agents, uh its all all gonna happen

Wesley- That could be true

Josh- Trust the process

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  1. Wesley, I’m impressed that you went home and did all this work the night before you had to. It will get you in a really good place for tomorrow’s lesson


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