Dear Madam/Sir I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the building apprenticeship I saw advertised in the Wanaka Messenger. I would like to ask you more about this position and to discuss with you what I can bring to the position as an apprentice with your team. I have been hoping […]

My two main interests in life would have to be sports and gaming. With having an interest in sport such as basketball, rugby and football i believe it shows that i like to be active and enjoy playing as a team and can be competitive. I also believe that it can show that i am […]

  Reading Journal: Text: Allen Iverson, Text type: Documentary, Author/Director: Zatella Beatty On February 14, 1993 Iverson was witnessed in an incident that could’ve changed his whole career. Iverson and several of his friends were hanging out at a bowling alley in Hampton, Virginia. Eventually during the time that Iverson and his friends were at […]

Abbreviation- WUD 22 year old Neil Papworth was able to send the first text message to mobile phone set on December 3rd 1992. The text message read “Merry Christmas”. As to today texting has changed majorly over the past 26 years by adding abbreviations to our texting such as from 26 years ago to now […]

Wesley- Hey josh Wud ? Josh- not much wuu2 Wesley- I haven’t been up-to much either, was thinking of going to the rec you keen ? Josh- yeah sure, what time #grinddontstop Wesley- I was thinking around 3, should we grab Flynn and Tait is well ? Josh- 3’s good, yeah ask them as well […]

Josh- So Lakers and Wizards play today Wesley- Wizards are gonna win i reckon Josh- You sure ? Wesley- Yeah Josh- Can they shoot good enough ? Wesley- Bradley Beal’s been on fire recently Josh- I mean hes been struggling in the 4th quarter Wesley- True true, isn’t John Wall injured iswell ? Josh- Yeah, […]

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He strides onto the courts swinging his arms with a chill movement, as he places his gear onto the benches and takes off his grey worn out hoodie. He looks around looking for a open hoop to shoot his shots at and to begin his warm up. He frowns as he spots an open area […]

Rabbit Proof Fence- Phillip Noyce   The nature of survival was shown in the film “Rabbit Proof Fence” directed by Phillip Noyce. The first aspect of survival that was shown is thinking ahead can help assist your survival. This was shown when Molly, Gracie and Daisy are held at Moore river and Molly identifies rain […]